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Experience true release at a cellular level with Honey Method - the natural way to free your energy from negative emotions.

Honey Method


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Gentle yet powerful, the Honey Method Energy is a healing technique designed to offer clients an effective release from acute emotional blocks and psychological stress and pain, without the need to explain or understand where they come from. Emotional release is the vital part of this restoration of balance, where repressed emotions have led to unease, tension, stress, anxiety and ultimately some form of illness.


The technique releases the blocks creating the emotional trauma from the energy body, leaving the individual with the memories intact, yet completely free of the emotional bond.

In order to maximize results and achieve the potential depths available using this technique, we build up your energy through four one-on-one sessions. This is to aid in establishing your energy balance and resilience to maximize results.

Honey method is a great aid at working to address and release deeper fears and limiting beliefs that create chronic struggle with life over the passing years. We all to some degree become masterful in ‘managing’ our fears, insecurities and deeper felt traumas to make our lives as safe as possible yet in doing so creating often suffocating limitation. The Honey method ultimately helps to clear the way for you to pursue the life you wish for.

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