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Blurry Drops

In that release there is the return to balance, health and a living sense of wholeness.


Energy and Chakra Cleanse

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Energy and Chakra Cleanse is a non-intrusive form of intuitive energy healing using "hands-on healing" it supports the re-balancing of the key chakra points of the body, and a cleansing of the layers of the aura.  The effect is a cleansed, balanced grounding back into your own auric field. 

Healing, as a process of harmonisation, can be applied to all areas of our lives – physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual – and can be just as relevant to our living space and environment as it is to ourselves as individuals.


Through the difficulties and traumas of life, our energy body and its subtle aspects may become damaged.


Energy healing works to repair our energy system, such as damage to our chakras or aura, so we may again function normally. It also helps to balance and harmonise our emotions and steady our mind.  

The effects bring clarity of thought, a sense of knowing oneself again; bringing the client back into control of their own emotional journey. 

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